Free Bets for Indian Players

In this article, we will show you where to find all the best free bets, so you can start online betting in India

Free Bets in India

You want to get your hands on some nice free bets and start betting without risk? Then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will show you where to find the best free bets in India. We will tell you all about free bets and how to use them most effectively to minimize your own risk and increase your winning profits.

The goal of this article is to assemble all the best free bets in India right here on this page.

There are large numbers of free bets available in India. The biggest problem is where to find them.

Below you will see a list with some of the best free bet welcome bonuses in India. Have a look!

Betting Site Free Bets in India

These welcome free bets are available to new players who sign up and make a first deposit on the betting site.

Every free bet is different. Some are big, some are small. Some have wagering requirements, others do not.

The amount of free bets on offer is always changing. Betting sites change their welcome bonuses and free bets frequently. We do what we can to keep this page updated with the most recent free bets at all times.

So what is the best free bet you can currently get?

In our opinion, some of the best free bets can be had on Bet365 - let us tell you more about it!

Welcome Offers with Free Bets
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Before you choose a free bet, let us explain how free bets work and how you can use them most effectively to your advantage.

How do Free Bets work?

What is a free bet?
  • A free bet is exactly what the name implies: a chance to place a bet for free, without risking any of your own money!

Let us give you an example: A betting site gives you a free bet worth Rs. 1,000.

You can use this bet to place a wager on any sport and any tournament of your choice. Free bets can be used on cricket, football, or any sport you like.

Let's say you place your free bet on an IPL match between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. You place your bet on Mumbai to win over Chennai at odds 1.50. This means that if your free bet is successful, your profit will be Rs. 500.

The game is over and Mumbai beats Chennai. You will now receive Rs. 500 in your betting account.

The initial free bet amount of Rs. 1,000 will not be paid out to you.

You have made a nice profit of Rs. 500 without risking any of your own money. That is how a free bet works.

Free Bet Wagering Requirements

What about the wagering requirements, you ask. That's a good question.

Some bookmakers have a wagering requirement on the money you have earned from a free bet. This means that your Rs. 500 profit must be wagered a certain number of times before you can withdraw it to your personal account.

For the sake of this example, let's say the wagering requirement is x5 with a minimum odds of 1.40 within 30 days.

This means that you must wager your 500 rupees and win it back 3 times. You have to wager the money on matches that are fixed at odds 1.40 or higher.

You now have a total of 30 days to complete the wagering requirement. In the process of completing your wagering requirement, you will earn even more money for yourself.

Now that you know what a free bet is and how to use it, the question is how do you obtain a free bet?

There are different types of free bets available, and we'll look at each of them below.

How to obtain free bets in India

Free bets can be obtained in 2 different ways

  • As a welcome bonus for new players
  • As a promotion for existing players

Free Bet Welcome Bonus

A free bet welcome bonus is given when a player creates a new account on a betting site and makes his first deposit. The value of the free bet is often determined by the amount that the player deposits.

Most bookmakers will give free bets corresponding to the value of the player's first deposit. So if you deposit Rs. 5,000, you will get a free bet worth Rs. 5,000 on top.

A free bet welcome bonus is a great thing to get because it allows you to try out a particular betting site without really risking any of your own money.

After using the free bet, if you determine that you don't like the betting site, you can go ahead and withdraw your own deposit again. It's a way to dip your toe into the betting world without taking too much risk.

If you want to try online betting, we definitely recommend that you start out with a free bet welcome bonus. This is one of the best ways to get started.

Unfortunately, finding a free bet welcome bonus can often be quite time-consuming. You could go through each betting site and search their promotions pages for free bet bonuses and spend hours reading through the terms and conditions.

Fortunately, we have made it easy for you by compiling a list of all the best free bets that you can obtain when enlisting at a new betting site. With this list, you will have a good overview of all the best free bet welcome bonuses available to Indian players. We invite you to have a look and select the best free bet you can find!

Live Betting Free Bets

If you enjoy live betting and free bets, then we have some good news for you!

You can combine your 2 passions with a super promotion that gives you free bets when live betting!

The betting site called ComeOn! has launched a promotion known as Free Bet Club.

  • We will tell you everything you have to know about how to join this exclusive free bets club and earn free bets every single week!

Join the Free Bet Club

  1. Joining the free bet club is simple. Just follow these steps:
  2. Create an account on ComeOn!
  3. Deposit some money into your new betting account.
  4. Head to the promotions menu and find "Free Bet Club". Click Join Now.
  5. That's all it takes - Now you're ready to enjoy all the benefits of the free bet club!

Click below to get started NOW!

Cricket Free Bets

If you enjoy betting on cricket (like every other person in India), then you will be happy to know that there's plenty of cricket free bets going around!

With a cricket free bet, you will be able to bet on your favorite sport, without taking any of the risk.

Free bets cricket

All betting sites know that cricket is the most popular sport in India, so they try to lure in Indian players by offering tons of great cricket free bets.

Cricket free bets are always coming and going, but you will usually find lots of them around when the big cricket competitions kick off, such as IPL, Cricket World Cup, and so on.

To get a regular dose of cricket free bets, we recommend taking a look at Bodog India.

FAQ About Free Bets

❓ How do I get a free bet in India?

Free bets are given out both as welcome bonuses to new players, but also as bonuses to active players.

The most simple way to get your hands on a free bet, is by signing up on one of the betting sites that offer free bets as a welcome bonus.

💲 Are free bets really free?

Most betting sites require you to make a deposit and wager some money before you get your free bet.

So while you don't have to pay for the free bet, you do need to make a small financial commitment by wagering some of your own money first.

💰 If I win money on a free bet, can I keep the profits?

Yes, in most cases you will be allowed to keep the profits that you win with a free bet.

However, in some cases you may have to complete a small wagering requirement before the money is yours to keep.

🎟️ Where can I get free bets frequently?

Some betting sites provide their players with regular free bets.

One of the betting sites that is famous for dishing out regular free bets is Betway.

So if you want free bets every week, be sure to pay a visit to Betway!

    Pick your free bet & start today!

    Now that you know all about the best free bets in India, it's time to start betting.

    Pick one of the great free bet welcome bonuses below to get started today!

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