Betting Exchange Sites in India

In this detailed guide to betting exchanges in India, we will not only give you a list of betting exchange sites but also teach you how to use them!

Best Betting Exchange Sites in India

Company prosAndConsLink
5+ sports featured on the betting exchange site.
Live stats and live streaming options.
Has a nice welcome offer.
No same-day withdrawals.
200% up to ₹20,000!
Betting exchange powered by Betfair.
Simple interface on mobile.
Betting exchange app also available.
User interface needs to be improved for website.
300% up to ₹20,000
Betting exchange with live streams.
Unique features like multimarket betting.
Great cricket betting exchange app.
Payment options are very limited.
Refer a Friend to Win ₹1000!

Betting Exchange - The Ultimate Guide!

A betting exchange is a unique way of enjoying sports betting because you don’t play against the betting site but actually bet against players. This makes for an enjoyable and immersive experience, in which odds change often and users enjoy being pitted against one another.

However, betting exchanges are not as straightforward as standard betting. And online betting noobs might struggle to learn how to bet using betting exchanges. This is where MyBettingSites India comes in - we have created the most detailed and exhaustive guide to betting exchanges.

Our guide not only includes instructions on how to use betting exchanges, but also a short list of all the Indian betting exchange sites that you can use.

No. 1 Betting Exchange Site in India

What is a Betting Exchange?

A betting exchange is when players bet against each other instead of betting against the bookmaker. This means that the players can make bets against other players who are supporting the opposite bet.

For example, you could place a bet for Kolkata Knight Riders to win a match, and other players could place a bet for Kolkata Knight Riders to lose the match. So your bet would be stacked against those players who made the opposite bet.

Usually, when playing using a betting exchange, the bookmaker takes a small commission on the winnings - that’s because they don’t win any money if the players lose. If you lose, your money goes into the pockets of the players who bet against you!

How do betting exchanges work

How do betting exchanges work?

Perhaps the most unique feature of a betting exchange is a lay bet or lay betting. Lay betting means that you can bet for a selection to lose. Let’s look at an example again - you could place a bet for Mumbai Indians to lose a match, instead of betting for it to win.

So essentially, there are two kinds of bets you can make on a betting exchange:

  • Backing a bet means that you are betting for an event to occur.

  • Laying a bet means that you are betting for an event not to occur.

Let’s take the example of Mumbai Indians again - if you bet Rs. 1000 for Mumbai Indians to win, then you need another player to risk their own Rs. 1000 to bet that Mumbai Indians would lose. If the match ends in a victory or a tie, you can then stand to win the money of the player who lay a bet against Mumbai Indians.

People usually love the freedom of a betting exchange - because the bookmaker cannot restrict you from placing any bets, as long as you have a player to bet against you!

Before we explore the benefits and drawbacks of betting exchanges in more detail in the following sections, let’s introduce you to all the Indian betting exchange sites!

List of Betting Exchange Sites in India


Fun88 was one of the first exchange betting sites in India, and it still remains one of the most prolific ones. The betting exchange featured on Fun88 is powered by Betfair, so it offers the original betting exchange experience!

Fun88 obviously has a great mobile website and app as well - so players can enjoy the betting exchange services on their phones as well.

Here’s a look at the Fun88 betting exchange:

Popular sports on betting exchange - cricket, football, and more.

Simple interface on mobile.

Betting exchange app also available.

Plenty of easy deposit and withdrawal options.

Huge welcome bonus for all new players.

Visit Fun88!

Fun88 Betting Exchange

Dafabet is one of the more popular betting exchange sites in the country, with a pretty nice interface and many more features to attract users. Dafabet has a great betting exchange with live stats and live streaming options.

Dafabet has also got a very mobile-friendly experience, with both a pretty optimized mobile site as well as Android and iOS apps.

Here’s a look at the Dafabet betting exchange:

Mobile-friendly betting exchange experience.

5+ sports featured on the betting exchange site.

Live stats and live streaming options.

Has a nice welcome offer.

Easy wagering requirements.

Visit Dafabet!

Dafabet Betting Exchange

Crickex is one of the newer betting exchange sites in India, and one that is highly recommended for users seeking a betting exchange experience. Like Fun88, it also features a betting exchange powered by Betfair.

Crickex has a lot of betting variety, ranging from a traditional sportsbook to a casino section with many games.

Here’s a look at the Crickex betting exchange:

Features a great betting exchange powered by Betfair.

Free live streaming options on the exchange.

Multimarket betting, parlay bets, and more!

Great betting exchange app.

Does not have a dedicated Welcome Bonus.

Visit Crickex!

Crickex Betting Exchange

Features of Betting Exchange Sites

Here are some features we usually keep in mind when we rank and review betting exchange sites for you, our readers. If you start to identify these factors and how each betting exchange site performs against them, you can also easily tell which sites or apps are worth your time and money.

Betting Exchange Features

💰 Bonus Offer

The bonus offer that a betting exchange site has for new users is perhaps the most important as well as the first thing that we notice about the site. A good bonus offer can set you up for a nice betting experience.

When looking for a bonus offer on betting exchange sites, we try and make sure that there is an attractive sports bonus on the site, one that can be used to play on the betting exchange as well.

📜 Betting Variety

While having a betting exchange is already pretty good evidence of betting variety, we do look for more types of betting when looking for a good site. We generally prefer betting exchange sites that also have traditional betting markets with odds provided by the bookmakers, because those have an experience of their own.

We also rate those betting exchange sites higher that also have a good number of sports betting options on their betting exchange, so that players do not feel restricted when betting on their favorite sports.

📱 Mobile Experience

In a betting market like that of India, most players prefer using mobile phones. Thus, the best betting exchange sites usually have a great mobile experience. When we say great mobile experience, we mean that whether through a betting exchange mobile site or through a betting exchange app, the users must be easily able to access all features that they would otherwise find on a website.

Of course, generally, betting exchange apps take the upper hand in the mobile experience, but certain decent mobile sites can also provide a great experience!

💳 Payment Options

One of the most crucial parts of any kind of betting is the transfer of funds from your bank accounts to your betting accounts. Especially for the kind of volatile and quickly changing odds like in a betting exchange, you might have to make multiple payments in order to keep placing different kinds of bets.

This can be made much easier by using betting exchange sites that not only provide multiple options when it comes to payment methods but also has instant addition of funds to your account!

🎮 Betting Experience

How is the betting experience different from betting variety or mobile experience, you ask? Well, the betting variety tells us what kind of sports are featured on a betting exchange site, while mobile experience talks about the mobile-friendly features of a site.

When we look at the betting experience, we actually look at the various features that a betting exchange site has for its players. For example, a betting exchange site that had live streaming options would be rated higher than one that did not. On the basis of the betting experience of a site, our team of expert punters decides which betting exchange sites are better for you!

Best Betting Exchange Sites Compared!

See how 3 of the betting exchange sites in our list perform against the various betting exchange features we just discussed in detail above. This comparison guide will help you make a more informed decision about which betting exchange site to use for your own betting experience!

Betting Exchange FeaturesFun88SatbetDafabet
Welcome Bonus Percentage300%100%160%
Maximum Bonus Amount₹10,000₹10,000₹16,000
Wagering Requirements25x5x15x
Bonus Validity30 days10 days45 days
UPI Deposits✔️✔️✔️
Betting Exchange Markets6 markets7 markets5 markets

Why Use Betting Exchange Sites?

In this section, we will explore the various benefits of using betting exchanges over traditional bookmaker bets. Betting exchanges definitely offer a pretty unique experience, but you can only decide whether you would enjoy the experience based on the pros and cons of using them.

Pros of Betting Exchange Sites

👍 Betting exchanges provide more choices!

Betting exchanges allow players to place more kinds of bets. That’s because players don’t only need to depend on the bookmaker to provide odds for a certain bet. If a player wants to make a certain bet that might not be offered by a bookmaker, all they need to do is to find another player that will play against them.

Therefore, players have more freedom when it comes to choosing what kind of bets to make, as long as there is another player that will place a lay bet against them!

👍 Betting exchanges have better odds.

In traditional online betting, the odds are decided by the bookmaker, which means that not all betting sites are guaranteed to give you the best odds or the highest odds. But on betting exchanges, the odds are decided by thousands of people that are placing different bets at the same time. This means that betting exchanges usually provide higher odds than traditional betting markets.

👍 Betting exchanges give you more flexibility!

Since odds in betting exchanges keep changing pretty quickly, players have plenty of options when it comes to changing their bets or odds, depending on how the match is proceeding. So if you backed a certain team, and they seem to be losing as the match progresses, you can always cash out and instead lay a bet against them.

That kind of flexibility is usually not available in traditional betting sportsbooks.

Cons of Betting Exchange Sites

👎 Betting exchange sites are too complicated for beginners.

While betting exchanges are plenty of fun for experienced players, they can be too overwhelming for beginners. If you’re someone who is not an expert at understanding betting odds or are just starting out with betting online, we recommend using traditional bookmakers. That’s because they allow you to place bets from even days before the match actually takes place. On the other hand, the live fluctuations of betting exchanges can often be too much for a beginner.

👎 Betting exchanges have limited sports.

Another drawback of betting exchanges is the lack of options when it comes to the number of sports you can bet on. Oftentimes, betting exchanges only feature bigger sports such as cricket, football, or tennis. You will find that many betting exchanges don’t actually feature horse racing, esports, or even kabaddi, which might be something that’s less popular but still manages to interest many players. For those players, we recommend using traditional bookmakers.

How to Use Betting Exchange Sites

In this section, we will take you through the step-by-step process of using betting exchange sites. Starting with creating a new account on a betting exchange site to finally placing bets on the exchange, here are the steps on how to use betting exchange sites!

Betting Exchange Sites - Step By Step Guide!

Sign up on a betting exchange site.

The first step to using a betting exchange is to identify a website or app that features one and sign up for it. As discussed before, here are some of the best betting sites that have betting exchanges:

While the registration process may differ for each betting site, it will generally ask for your personal information, followed by your contact details, and username and password.

Be sure to enter your details carefully to make sure you can access your betting exchange account later!

Register on a Cricket Satta Site
Deposit money and claim any bonus.

Once you have signed up, you can now deposit money into your betting exchange account. These are some of the most popular payment methods you’ll find on these sites:

  • UPI

  • Indian Netbanking

  • Paytm

  • PhonePe

  • Google Pay

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Skrill

  • Neteller

Once you have deposited money, you must check whether there is a welcome bonus to claim - most sites offer one. Claim the bonus and then you can start betting with an increased amount!

Deposit for Online Cricket Satta
Place bets on the betting exchange.

With a funded account, you can now start to use the betting exchange. The first and foremost step would be to familiarize yourself with the betting exchange available on the betting site or app.

Next, you can check the sports betting markets available on the betting exchange. Within each sport, you will see all the live matches on which you can place bets. From this list, you can choose the match you’re interested in.

Once you open the match, you will see the various kinds of bets you can make on that match. For each type of bet, you have the option of either backing or laying. Depending on what you choose, you can add the corresponding odds to your bet slip.

Next, enter your stake and place as many bets as you’d like!

Start Playing Cricket Satta
How do you win on betting exchange sites?

While there is no one right or wrong way of winning on betting exchanges, there are a few things you can do to maximize your odds of winning. Number one, you must learn more about how betting exchanges work. Because of the frequently changing odds and the many types of bets you can make, it can be easy to slip up and make a bet that you didn’t want to make!

Another feature that you can use is that of cash outs. Cash outs allow you to take back some of your money if your bet is losing. Cash outs allow you to cut your losses and try again another day!

Last but not least, there is also something called arbitrage betting. Arbitrage bets are when players bet both for and against an outcome. For example, you put money on both Chennai Super Kings winning AND losing a match.

Betting exchanges allow you to place arbitrage bets in an expert way - however, arbitrage bets require a lot of knowledge and calculations to go into them. So be sure to read up before you try them!

Vaayu Saxena
Vaayu Saxena

Betting Exchange Apps

It is also possible to use betting exchanges on mobile apps. While we usually recommend sticking to a website when you’re interested in betting exchanges (simply because they are more user-friendly), you can choose to use betting exchange apps as well.

Luckily, all the best betting sites also have betting exchange apps. Here are the top 3 betting exchange apps in India!

Top Betting Exchange Apps in India

Fun88 App

No. 1 Betting Exchange App!

✔️ Betting exchange powered by Betfair.

✔️ Tons of regular promotions.

✔️ Great user interface on the betting exchange app.

✔️ Quick withdrawals.

Dafabet App

No. 2 Betting Exchange App!

✔️ Decent betting exchange app.

✔️ Also has a desktop app.

✔️ Live stats and live streaming options.

✔️ 5+ sports on the exchange.

Betting Exchange - Frequently Asked Questions

🎖️ Which exchange is best for betting?

Not many betting sites actually feature a betting exchange in India. However, we have found at least three super high-quality betting exchange sites from which a player can choose if they wish to bet through exchanges. Here are the top 2 betting exchange sites in India, which our team of betting experts has chosen after trying out around half a dozen betting exchanges advertised in the Indian market.

Top Betting Exchange Sites in India:

    ⚖️ Is betting exchange legal in India?

    Yes, betting exchange sites are legal in India. That's because the Public Gambling Act of 1867, which is followed in most of India, does not prohibit any kind of online betting activities, which happens to include betting exchange sites.

    If you wish to understand gambling laws in more depth, feel free to consult our detailed guide to legal betting sites by clicking on the link below.

    🔄 How do betting exchanges work?

    Betting exchanges allow players to bet against each other, instead of against the bookmaker. How that works is that there are two types of bets that players can make - a back bet or a lay bet.

    Backing a bet means that the players are betting on an outcome to happen. On the other hand, laying a bet means that players are betting on that outcome to not happen. For example, a player betting on a match between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans can make four types of bets:

    • Gujarat Titans will win.
    • Gujarat Titans will lose.
    • Chennai Super Kings will win.
    • Chennai Super Kings will lose.

    Because of this feature of backing and laying bets, the betting exchange offers more fluctuating but higher odds.

    👏 Are betting exchanges better?

    Because of their nature, betting exchanges have both advantages and disadvantages over traditional betting. Here are the pros and cons of using betting exchange sites in India.

    Pros and Cons of using Betting Exchanges:

    ✔️ Betting exchanges provide more choices of bets you can make.

    ✔️ Betting exchanges have better odds than traditional bookmakers (however, the bookmaker will take a small cut from your winnings).

    ✔️ Betting exchanges give you more flexibility with the kind of bets you can make.

    ❌ Betting exchanges are too complicated for beginners.

    ❌ Betting exchanges have limited sports betting markets.

    ♻️ Is Betfair exchange available in India?

    Betfair is the most popular betting exchange site in the world and was the first bookmaker to create the concept of a betting exchange. However, Betfair is not available in the Indian market, which is a bit of a pity. However, there is a replacement for the Betfair exchange, and that's Fun88.

    Fun88 actually features a betting exchange that is powered by Betfair, which means that it offers you the closest experience to the original betting exchange by Betfair.

    You can try the Fun88 betting exchange by clicking on the link below.

    📱 Is Betway a betting exchange?

    While Betway is one of the best betting sites in India and is often the top-rated pick here on My Betting Sites India, it does not have a betting exchange. But Betway does offer the very best that traditional bookmaker betting has to offer.