Is Parimatch Legal in India? (Read before you use Parimatch)!

May 28, 2024

Not sure if Parimatch is legal in India? Read our detailed article and find the answer to your questions!

⚖️ Is Parimatch Legal in India?

Yes, Parimatch is not illegal in India! There are no central or state laws that prohibit the use of betting sites like Parimatch, which means that any Indian can safely use the betting site!

Gambling laws in India tend to feel quite complicated, especially since there is no blanket rule that applies to all corners of the country. But that’s what we’re here to help you with!

Parimatch is not strictly illegal!

In this article, we will take an in-depth look into exactly why Parimatch is considered one of the legal betting sites in India. After reading this article, you will have the answer to the following questions:

  • Is Parimatch safe?
  • Reasons why Parimatch is legal in India!
  • Is Sports Betting on Parimatch legal in India?
  • Are casino games on Parimatch legal in India?
  • How to legally deposit money on Parimatch?
  • Parimatch FAQs

    Parimatch is one of our most highly recommended betting sites, and if you’re considering using the betting site for yourself, this article will be very helpful for you!

    So without further ado, let’s jump into this detailed article!

    Is Parimatch Safe?

    Is parimatch safe

    Before you start using a betting site, we always encourage you to check the credentials and licenses of the site. In the online betting world, there are many sites that want to trick users out of their money.

    But we’re happy to inform you that Parimatch is not one of those betting sites! In fact, Parimatch is one of the most reliable and reputable betting sites in India.

    Parimatch has been around since 1994 and has an entire generation of satisfied customers. Registered and regulated with the Curacao government, Parimatch keeps your money in safe hands. Plus, you never have to worry about not being able to withdraw your winnings!

    Click on the button below to visit Parimatch and start betting safely!

    Reasons why Parimatch is legal in India

    The gambling laws in India can be pretty difficult to understand, especially since there is no formal law governing the matter of gambling. Since gambling is a state issue, most states end up having different laws regarding the matter. However, most states choose to adhere to the Public Gambling Act of 1867.

    The Public Gambling Act considers gambling as a punishable offense, but only when done in a public house. This means that betting online on websites and apps is not considered illegal in India. So if there are no laws against online betting sites in your state, you are free to use them as much as you’d like!

    📜 How is Parimatch legal in India?

    There are two particular requirements that every betting site in India must fulfill in order to be considered legal and safe. Here are two reasons why Parimatch is legal in India!

    ➡️ A betting site must be based off-shore!

    Since the Indian government does not allow gambling companies to operate in India, we must use only legal betting sites that are based outside India. Since Parimatch is based in Curacao and is thus a foreign legal entity, it is completely safe for everyone to use!

    ➡️ A betting site must accept Indian rupees!

    According to the Foreign Exchange Management Act or FEMA, only authorized agents or companies can exchange currency in India. This means that a betting site must deal in Indian rupees for it to be considered legal and legitimate. Luckily, Parimatch accepts Indian rupees and even offers a generous Welcome Bonus to prove it!

    Parimatch Bonus!

    Remember to claim the generous Parimatch bonus before you start using the betting site! Parimatch awards every new player with a generous deposit bonus. This means that you can start your betting adventure with more than twice the money that you started with!

    Parimatch Sports

    Parimatch is new to the Indian market, but it has enough sense to create a decent sports betting section, given how popular sports betting is in India. Parimatch is home to all the most popular sports betting options in India. Cricket betting is obviously one of the major attractions on the site, but Parimatch also includes one of the best Virtual Sports sections!

    Let’s talk a bit more about whether sports betting on Parimatch is legal in India.

    ⚽ Is sports betting on Parimatch legal in India?

    Indian laws concerning sports betting are simple: Most Indian states prohibit sports betting unless done on online betting platforms. Since the use of betting sites is not strictly forbidden, Indians can freely bet on sports using these websites.

    The Parimatch sportsbook is pretty well-stocked for new players!

    Luckily, Parimatch comes equipped with an easy-to-use sports betting interface as well as great odds! In fact, Parimatch is one of our most highly recommended cricket betting sites in India!

    Click on the button below to bet on Parimatch Sports!

    Parimatch Casino

    The Parimatch Casino contains a rather impressive collection of casino games, slots, live table games, and much more to keep the players coming back for more.

    But before you visit the Parimatch casino and completely lose yourself in the opulence of it all, we are here to address an important question - whether the Parimatch casino is legal in India.

    🎰 Are casino games on Parimatch legal in India?

    Casino games like Slots, Roulette, and Blackjack are usually considered games of luck in India. Most states do not allow the construction or operation of casinos. However, no law prohibits Indian citizens from visiting online casinos like the one on Parimatch and enjoying the occasional sparkle of casino games!

    The Parimatch Casino is a mixture of both quality and quantity!

    If variety and quality of games are what you seek, then we definitely recommend that you visit the Parimatch casino once. We absolutely love the fun-packed casino section that is bound to be the perfect escape from the logic and hustle of sports betting.

    Click on the button below to visit the Parimatch Casino!

    How to Legally Deposit Money on Parimatch

    Payment methods accepted by Parimatch in India!

    According to us, one of the best upsides of using Parimatch to bet on your favorite sports or casino games is the availability of safe and legal deposit methods. Since depositing and withdrawing money is such a huge part of using betting sites, we only recommend betting sites that accept reliable and trustworthy deposit methods.

    Here are all the ways that you can legally deposit money on Parimatch:

    • UPI (Highly recommended)
    • Paytm
    • Indian Netbanking
    • AstroPay Card
    • Skrill
    • Neteller
    • Debit and Credit Cards
    • Bitcoin

    At MBS India, we generally recommend using local Indian methods such as UPI and Indian Netbanking. These methods are both reliable and quick. Plus, since most Indians use UPI apps or e-wallets like Paytm already, it is very convenient to use the same methods to deposit money on Parimatch!

    Click on the button below to make your first deposit on Parimatch. or read our detailed review of the site!

    Is Parimatch Legal - FAQs

    📓 Is Parimatch legal?

    Yes, Parimatch is considered legal in India!

    Due to the absence of formal laws that prohibit the use of this betting site, you can freely and safely use Parimatch without any additional fear or worry.

    Here is why Parimatch is legal in India:

    1. Parimatch is based outside India.
    2. Parimatch accepts Indian rupees.
    🤗 Is Parimatch legit?

    Parimatch is a trustworthy and secure betting site for Indians. Registered and regulated by Curacao Gaming, the betting site has positive reviews from all customers. Functional since 1994, Parimatch has become a reliable partner for many punters from around the world!

    You can also rest assured that we here at MBS India only suggest betting sites that have passed our two-step review process:

    1. We check reviews from previous users to check whether the betting site has a good history of paying out the winnings to its users.
    2. We also use and review each and every feature offered on the betting site before we deem it good enough to be used by our readers.

    Thankfully, Parimatch does well on both fronts!

    💰 How do I deposit on Parimatch?

    You can use any of the following payment methods to deposit easily on Parimatch:

    • UPI (Highly recommended)
    • Paytm
    • Indian Netbanking
    • AstroPay Card
    • Skrill
    • Neteller
    • Debit and Credit Cards
    • Bitcoin

    We recommend using UPI, as it is the most convenient payment method in India.

    🖱️ How do you use Parimatch?

    In order to place bets on your favorite matches on Parimatch, you must follow these few simple steps:

    1. Create a new account on Parimatch.
    2. Claim your Welcome Bonus - this will help increase your starting deposit amount.
    3. Make your first deposit.
    4. Select the game or sport you wish to place a bet on.
    5. Select the match and the odds you’d like to wager on.
    6. Check the details of the bet on the bet slip.
    7. Click on “Place Bet” and you’re done!

    If you end up with a win, simply complete your KYC check and withdraw your money to your bank account to enjoy!


    Since Parimatch is legal in India, it's time to start playing on the betting site!

    Parimatch is one of the safest and most reliable betting sites in India. But not only that, it has some really awesome features to look forward to! Here are some of the reasons why you should bet on Parimatch:

    ✔️ User-friendly interface!

    ✔️ Good variety of sports betting options.

    ✔️ Awesome casino games.

    ✔️ Best betting site for Virtual Sports betting.

    ✔️ Accepts local Indian deposit methods like UPI and Paytm!

    So what are you waiting for? Click on the button below to join Parimatch or read our detailed Parimatch review to find out more about the betting site!

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