About Us - MyBettingSites India

In 2019, we created MyBettingSites.com with a simple idea - to compare, review, and recommend betting sites around the world!

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission - To Help You Find and Use Betting Sites in India!

At MyBettingSites India, we find the best betting sites for Indians by testing, rating, and reviewing each one. We look at various brands across the world but always focus on what Indian users are looking for. We always put our users first, give clear and accurate answers, and base our recommendations on first-hand experience and honesty.

Our Values - How Do We Accomplish Our Mission?

🌍 Think Global, Act Local

MyBettingSites is a global brand with a presence in 11 different countries. We combine a global perspective with localised solutions, providing tailored answers and recommendations for each unique country we serve.

👥 Users First

Our users are at the heart of everything we do. We design our website with our loyal users in mind, not for search engines or affiliates. Your needs and preferences guide our actions and priorities.

🏅 Quality Answers

We focus on writing thorough answers to help users who want to find Indian betting sites. We do not write confusing or repetitive content that is unhelpful. Instead, we try to create in-depth and high-quality content that adds to the user’s knowledge.

👀 First-Hand Evaluation

We personally test-drive all betting sites before making any recommendations. Our team of experts thoroughly evaluate each site to ensure that our recommendations are based on genuine, hands-on experience. We do not endorse any site without rigorous evaluation.

🤝 Trust and Transparency

We believe in building trust through transparency. Our reviews and recommendations are honest and unbiased. We are upfront about our processes and maintain integrity in all our interactions, ensuring our users can rely on us for trustworthy information.

The Story of MyBettingSites

Over the years, many sports betting comparison sites have come and gone. And most of them had one thing in common - they didn't care about the people coming to the site. Their goal was to shuffle people over to a claim button with little to no regard as to whether they were making the right decision.

So we built something better.

MyBettingSites began with a simple goal: to help users all over the English-speaking world find the right betting site for them. No BS, just honest and thorough evaluations of each betting site so you can find your next sportsbook.

Founded by Leadstar Media, a top sports betting affiliate company based in Stockholm, we set out to create a one-stop shop where we broke down all the factors a user would need to find a new betting site.

When the site launched, it existed in only four countries - the UK, Canada, Kenya, and Nigeria. Soon after, we launched our site for Indian users. Today, we exist in a total of 11 countries.

We’re proud of how far we’ve come and excited for the future, as we continue to bring our trusted service to sports betting enthusiasts around the globe.

The Team Players

Tomesh Kulkarni
Tomesh Kulkarni Indian Website Manager
Hello, I'm Tomesh!

I have been working with Leadstar Media since 2018, previously focused on another Indian project called MyBetting.in. After that, I helped launch MyBettingSites India in 2019, along with a rag-tag group of people around the world.

I live in the city of Mumbai, love going to the gym, and always start my day with a masala chai.

My Guilty Pleasure - Watching old, bad Bollywood movies for a laugh. My ultimate favourite is Jaani Dushman.

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Vaayu Saxena
Vaayu Saxena Indian Betting Site Expert
Hello, I'm Vaayu!

I joined the MyBettingSites India team, which was only Tomesh at the time, in 2020. In the midst of COVID-19, I learned everything I know about betting sites from Tomesh himself. And now, I have myself become somewhat of a betting expert myself.

I was born and brought up in Delhi and have impassioned debates with Tomesh over which city is better - Mumbai or Delhi. In short, main Dilli se hun, BC.

My Guilty Pleasure - Eating pineapple on pizza. It's really not that bad.

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Our Business Model

MyBettingSites.com is an affiliate website. This means that we receive a small commission from the betting sites when our users sign up using our links. This does not cost the user anything.

For example, if a user reads a betting site review for Bet365 and uses our link to sign up on the operator, Bet365 pays us a small fee at no added cost to the user.

How does our business model affect our content?

The brands featured on our lists usually have an affiliate deal with our website. However, our reviews and ratings are not impacted by the deals we have with these brands. When reviewing every betting site, we stick to our values and always provide the most unbiased and honest evaluation to our users.

How does our business model benefit our users?

MyBettingSites.com is in close contact with the betting sites in every market. This means that through our partnership, we often take back user feedback and suggestions to the operators to improve their offerings.

Our betting partners also create frequent promotions that are available only to MyBettingSites users. So we encourage you to use our affiliate links, to not miss out on any exclusive betting offers or bonuses.