Horse Racing Betting Sites in India

On this page, you will find our curated list of the best horse racing betting sites, along with their features, offers, as well as a guide on how to get started with horse race betting

Best Horse Racing Betting Sites in India (2024)
  1. 1xBet - 200+ daily horse racing events.
  2. 22Bet - User-friendly horse racing betting app.
  3. Fun88 - Horse racing betting exchange.
  4. Betwinner - Separate tab for antepost betting.
  5. Megapari - Special bets available for selected races.

Best Betting Sites for Horse Racing (2024)

Honest Pros and Cons
Company prosAndConsLink
200+ daily horse races
Detailed stats on every race
Best for variety of horse race betting markets
No live streaming options
150% Up To ₹66,000
Exclusive Bonus with code: MBSVIP
Wide selection of daily races
Sort through races by country
User-friendly horse race betting app
No live stats or streaming
100% Up To ₹11,000
Horse racing options on BetB2B sportsbook
Horse racing betting on both exchanges
100+ live horse racing markets
No horse racing bonuses or promos
300% up to ₹20,000
200+ daily horse races
Separate tab for antepost bets
100s of live horse racing bets
No live stats or streaming
100% Up To ₹8,000
Great variety of antepost bets
Sort through horse races by country
Special Bets available for selected events
No horse racing bonuses
Exclusive Bonus Up To ₹39,000
Use code MBSVIP

Best Horse Racing Betting Sites - Compared and Reviewed

Our team of betting experts here at My Betting Sites India have taken a look at the available horse race betting sites in India to compare and review them for you. We try each of these betting sites, use all their features, and then draw comparisons with other similar sites to bring you a selection of the best betting sites for horse racing.

Horse race betting is extremely popular in India, mostly thanks to the fact that it is a sport that originates in the UK. As the UK’s colony, India saw its fair share of horse race betting for decades, and even now, it remains one of the most popular betting events for serious punters. For this reason, you will see that we have also broken down our process of how we compare and review these horse racing sites.

Top Horse Racing Betting Site 2024


1xbet screenshots showing horse racing betting options on mobile

1xbet is often known for its larger-than-life sportsbook, and its horse race betting options are no different. The betting site offers 200+ daily races, apart from about 70+ options for antepost bets on different horse racing events.

The antepost bets on 1xbet can be accessed in a separate section, which makes it easier for users to go through the various different types of horse race betting options. 1xbet also features a great live horse racing section, with very detailed stats on every race and horse. Additionally, there is a great variety of bets that punters can make on every race.

The only things we found lacking with 1xbet were its lack of live streaming options for horse racing as well as an exclusive horse racing bonus.

Best Horse Race Betting Sites by Category

📃 Best horse race betting site for a variety of bets.


📱 Best horse race betting app.


🔀 Best horse race betting exchange.


Horse Race Betting - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about horse race betting sites in India.

Which are the best horse racing betting sites in India?

Here are the top 3 horse race betting sites in India.

  1. 1xBet - 200+ daily horse racing events.
  2. 22Bet - User-friendly horse racing betting app.
  3. Fun88 - Horse racing betting exchange.
Is horse race betting legal in India?

Horse race betting was made legal in India by the Supreme Court in 1996, due to the fact that horse race betting involves skill and not just chance or luck.

Therefore, Indian punters can safely bet on horse racing events.

Which bookmakers offer best odds guaranteed?

Only Bet365 is offering the “best odds guaranteed” bonus for horse racing in India. Bet365 also features a few other horse racing bonuses, such as boosted odds, accumulator bonuses, etc.

Which horse racing betting sites offer live streaming?

Live streaming for horse racing is offered by Betway, Bet365, and Sportaza. There are very limited bookmakers with live streaming options for horse racing, but these few betting sites can definitely scratch the itch for punters who want to bet while watching live races.

Which betting exchange sites feature horse racing?

Fun88 and Satbet are two betting exchange sites that feature horse racing on their exchanges. However, the variety of horse racing betting options are much lesser on betting exchanges.

What type of horse racing bets can I place?

The most common type of bets that punters can place on horse racing are win, place, and show bets. More exotic bet types include exacta, trifecta, superfecta, etc. - these can be much harder to win but provide better odds.

How We Rank Horse Racing Betting Sites

We take several factors such as availability of markets, variety of odds, horse racing bonuses, user interface, etc. to determine which horse race betting sites deserve to be on the top of our lists.

Using these factors, we will compare the horse racing betting sites in India and create a list of the best ones for punters to choose from.

Image depicting the rankings of horse racing betting sites with mobile screenshots

Horse Race Betting - Key Features

✔️ Horse Race Betting Options

First and foremost, it is important to check how many horse race betting markets and bets each bookmaker offers. Some bookmakers tend to have more variety and availability, and we give preference to betting sites with more markets.

It is also essential to check whether each horse race betting sites offer options such as antepost betting in order to rank them higher in the lists.

✔️ Horse Race Betting Odds

While odds don’t always differ by a lot on different horse racing bookmakers, some tend to offer better prices than others. In our experience, largely UK bookmakers like Betway and Bet365 tend to offer the best odds in the market.

Even a little bit of difference in odds can often impact the total earnings you walk away with. So we pay close attention to odds when ranking horse race betting sites.

✔️ Hose Racing Bonuses

The Indian market is still not very evolved with unique horse racing bonuses. In our list, only Bet365 seems to be offering horse racing-specific bonuses such as best odds guaranteed. Betway does offer daily odds boosts, however no additional bonuses yet.

Our team of experts does check whether the welcome bonus offered by websites applies to the horse racing betting markets.

✔️ Horse Racing Live Streaming

So far, we have only found a few horse racing bookmakers that offer live streaming options - Betway, Bet365, and Sportaza. Live streaming for horse racing is not very common in the Indian market, but we do keep it as a consideration.

Apart from live streaming, we appreciate when bookmakers share live stats or detailed information about races to help players make more informed bets.

Horse Racing Betting Site Reviews

In this section, we will give you short reviews of our best horse racing betting sites, detailing which are the best features of these betting sites.

1xbet Horse Racing

150% Up To ₹66,000
Exclusive Bonus with code: MBSVIP

1xbet is known in the country for its incredible sportsbook, which also happens to feature a pretty wide variety of horse racing markets. While 1xbet does not have some of the fancier features such as daily boosts or live streaming, it does have a pretty solid horse racing section.

✔️ 200+ daily horse races.

✔️ Separate antepost betting section.

✔️ Detailed stats on every race.

✔️ Best for a variety of horse race betting markets.

❌ No live streaming options.

22bet Horse Racing

100% Up To ₹11,000

22bet is a very reliable sportsbook for Indian punters and also features a pretty decent horse racing section. 22bet has a very large variety of horse race betting markets as well as a very user-friendly horse race betting app.

✔️ Wide selection of daily races.

✔️ Sort through races by country.

✔️ User-friendly horse race betting app.

✔️ Weekly rebate bonus for the sportsbook.

❌ No live stats or streaming.

Fun88 Horse Racing

300% up to ₹20,000

Fun88 is a great betting exchange and sportsbook. The betting site offers three separate sportsbooks as well as two distinct betting exchanges. Fun88 features horse racing options on one of the sportsbooks and also on both its betting exchanges.

✔️ Horse racing options on BetB2B sportsbook.

✔️ Horse racing betting on both exchanges.

✔️ Good selection of antepost bets.

✔️ 100+ live horse racing markets.

❌ No horse racing bonuses or promos.

Betwinner Horse Racing

100% Up To ₹8,000

Betwinner is known for having a huge sportsbook, which is why it’s not a surprise that they do have a section dedicated to horse race betting. It also has a very nice section for virtual horse race betting.

✔️ 200+ daily horse races.

✔️ Separate tab for antepost bets.

✔️ 100s of live horse racing bets.

✔️ Good for virtual horse racing betting.

❌ No live stats or streaming.

Megapari Horse Racing

Exclusive Bonus Up To ₹39,000
Use code MBSVIP

Megapari is still a pretty new betting site but one that offers quite a lot of unique features as well as a very decent horse racing section. With hundreds of daily races, a user-friendly betting experience, and unique features, Megapari is a good pick for horse race betting.

✔️ Great variety of antepost bets.

✔️ Sort through horse races by country.

✔️ Special Bets are available for selected events.

✔️ Unique features like Bets via Telegram.

❌ No horse racing bonuses.

Horse Racing Sites - The Best of the Rest

Here are a few more horse racing betting sites that we reviewed. Why did we not include them in the main list? Simply because we feel that while these bookmakers do offer horse racing of one kind or another, their offerings are not at the same level as the rest of our list.

Therefore, we decided to put them here separately.

Sportaza Horse Racing

100% up to ₹8,000

Sportaza does have a separate section for horse race betting but with very limited markets. The bookmaker has very few races featured in the section, however, it does offer live streaming on selected races.

Dafabet Horse Racing

200% up to ₹20,000!

Dafabet has been advertised as a horse racing bookmaker all over the internet - however, it only offers virtual horse racing betting options. It does have a special bonus for virtual horse racing, but the lack of real races is too big to ignore.

How to Get Started with Horse Race Betting

In this section, we will talk a bit more about horse race betting and how you can get started with it. If you’re new to the world of horse race betting sites, then you have to first start off by familiarizing yourself with the biggest horse racing events that take place throughout the year.

You will also need to gain a bit of understanding about the various horse racing markets or types of bets that you can make when you sign up with a horse racing betting site.

Screenshot of Bet365 antepost horse racing section on a mobile in the hands of a man

Types of Horse Racing Betting Markets

Here are the most common horse race betting markets you are bound to come across on betting sites:

  • Win - Simply bet on one horse to win the race.

  • Place - Bet on one horse from the field to finish in a specific place.

  • Show - Bet on your horse to place first, second, or third.

  • Each Way - Bet by combining both the win and place bets.

  • Exacta - Bet on the horses that will finish in first and second place (in the right order).

  • Trifecta - Bet on the horses finishing first, second, and third (in the right order).

  • Placepot - Bet on a horse to place in the first 6 races.

  • Jackpot - Pick the winning horse from 6 selected races.

MBS India Editors' Picks

Tomesh Kulkarni
Tomesh Kulkarni Website Manager

What is your favourite horse race betting site, Tomesh?

While I don't really bet on horse racing very often, except for when I'm forced to look into horse racing bookmakers (because of my job), in my professional opinion, Bet365 is probably the best pick for very advanced and experienced punters.

Horse racing originated in the UK, and it is UK bookmakers that offer the best experience when it comes to horse race betting. I'm a fan of small but useful bonuses, and Bet365 features a lot of these on their site. From Best Odds Guaranteed to Boosted Odds, you can find basically everything you would need for a good horse race betting experience on Bet365.

Vaayu Saxena
Vaayu Saxena Editor

What is your favourite horse race betting site, Vaayu?

Honestly, I only bet on horse races now and then, especially when the really popular British and American races come around - the Cheltenham or the Kentucky Derby. But I have to disagree with Tomesh. Yes, British bookmakers are probably better for horse racing options, but Bet365 is certainly not the best. Betway has to be my pick.

Yes, it has lesser horse racing bonuses. But it does offer special boosted odds during various times of the day. Other than that, punters can also easily create some #betyourway accumulators. Overall, the user experience on Betway is way more well-optimized for Indian punters, and that is a fact that cannot be taken lightly.